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Navigating Talent, Crafting Success.

Optimal Search Group (OSG) is dedicated to reshaping the future of workforce solutions. We are more than a recruitment agency; we're your strategic partner in talent acquisition. Whether you're a forward-thinking company seeking exceptional talent or a talented professional looking to take the next career leap, we're here to guide you to success.

With a name synonymous with excellence, we're delivering value that goes beyond conventional hiring.



Taking Your Business to
the Next Level

Recruiting & Executive Search

Beyond traditional recruiting, we act as talent navigators with cutting-edge AI technology, meticulously matching candidates and clients. Leveraging a vast network of reputable companies, our AI-driven approach ensures optimal fits, streamlining the process for a enriched experience for both clients and candidates, saving valuable time and resources.


Revolutionize your recruitment with Optimal Search Group, addressing growth-hindering challenges through streamlined processes, top-tier candidate access, proven strategies, and tailored marketing campaigns. Our innovative commitment ensures a competitive edge, partnering with us for sustainable success.

Fractional Leadership

Optimal Search Group is your solution for proven fractional leadership, offering tailored and cost-effective options with access to top-tier executive talent, all without long-term commitments, to help propel your business forward with invaluable experience.



Tony Taveekanjana has built a stellar career over the past two decades, marked by his knack for assembling, leading, and optimizing teams. His prowess in identifying, attracting, and developing elite talent underscores his remarkable track record in senior executive roles across prestigious organizations. Tony's deep understanding of strategic business navigation has established him as a prominent figure in recruitment.


As the visionary founder of Optimal Search Group, Tony has redefined the recruitment process across various sectors. His method integrates meticulous search and selection techniques with a strong commitment to the shared success of both candidates and clients. Leveraging comprehensive industry insight, an extensive professional network, and advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, Tony's approach ensures that outstanding individuals connect with leading organizations effectively.


Under his guidance, Optimal Search Group has become a leader in the recruitment field, known for its consistent success in placing top-tier talent in roles where they excel. The company’s philosophy centers on the principle that optimal matches between talent and opportunity are crucial for driving business success and advancing the collective prosperity of the professional community. Through his strategic vision and commitment to excellence, Tony Taveekanjana continues to shape the recruitment landscape, fostering a future where both individuals and businesses realize their highest potential.

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Areas of Expertise

Optimal Search Group stands at the forefront of the recruitment industry, distinguished by its specialized expertise across several key sectors. These areas of focus include Residential and Commercial Lending, Banking and Wealth Management, Healthcare, and IT/Tech, showcasing the company's comprehensive approach to professional placement.

Through its specialized recruiting expertise, Optimal Search Group ensures that its clients across these dynamic sectors are equipped with the talent necessary to achieve their strategic objectives, adapt to market changes, and secure a competitive advantage in their respective fields.


Why OSG?

Industry Expertise

Our vertical leaders possess substantial industry expertise, directing a team of skilled talent acquisition executives. They bring established relationships to the table, ensuring exclusive and strategic recruitment solutions.

High Tech + High Touch 

Experience the synergy of "high tech + high touch" as we seamlessly blend advanced technology with personalized communication, providing a customized and efficient experience tailored to your preferred communication style.

Confidentiality and Discretion

Trust our unwavering commitment to utmost confidentiality and discretion, prioritizing your privacy throughout the process for candidates and companies alike, and ensuring a secure and confidential experience.

Extensive Network

Our advantage comes from a strong network of reputable companies and an extensive database of qualified candidates, ensuring high-caliber opportunities for excellence in both client and candidate outcomes.

Client Success Priority

OSG is founded on an unwavering commitment to client success, prioritizing sustained, long-term success for both clients and candidates in the partnerships we facilitate.

Trust and Transparency

Build lasting partnerships on trust, transparency, and shared commitment for optimal outcomes in career progression and organizational success, fostering collaboration for individual and strategic goals.


Our integrated technology utilizes cutting-edge AI, marketing software, and critical data to streamline processes, ensure precise matches, and enhance recruitment and business success.

Time Savings

Save time and effort by entrusting us to navigate the pool of professionals and companies, ensuring optimal matches so that both candidates and clients can confidently focus on their core competencies.


Choose unparalleled credibility with OSG as your trusted and dedicated ally, committed to ensuring the integrity of your career or organization in the dynamic financial service sector.

Most Common
Challenges & Pitfalls

*Lack of Clear Strategy

*Failure to Reach Top Candidates

*Ineffective Job Postings

*Resistance to Change

*Lack of Visibility / Performance & Accountability Measures

*Inadequate Resources

*Inadequate Screening & Assessment

*Lack of Social Presence & Branding

*Insufficient Onboarding

*Cost Effectiveness of Internal Recruiting Dept.

*Slow Hiring Process

*Failure to Articulate Value Propositions

*Lack of Diversity & Inclusion

*Inadequate Client Engagement

*Outdated Systems and Technology


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