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At Optimal Search Group, we specialize in technology and IT recruiting. Our mission is to create optimal matches that benefit both companies and professionals. Leveraging our extensive network of industry experts, a robust database of qualified candidates, cutting-edge AI technology, and innovative marketing strategies, we connect top talent with the right opportunities. Our commitment is to enhance efficiency, quality, and success in IT staffing, ensuring the best outcomes for all our clients and candidates.


Douglas Smiley

VP of Talent and Partnerships

Doug Smiley, VP of Technical Talent Services brings over 25 years of dynamic leadership in technical talent acquisition across diverse industries spanning software, enterprise systems, life sciences. 


Doug leads our Technical Talent Services division having served in leadership positions such as Director of Talent Acquisition at NECI, Global Director of Talent Acquisition at Rocket Software, and Manager of Talent Acquisition for Dassault Systemès, along with his background of Technical Recruiting for esteemed organizations like Google, EMC, and MathWorks. Doug has honed expertise in identifying, attracting, and successfully hiring elite technical talent.

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At Optimal Search Group, we specialize in strategically placing top-performing, rigorously vetted tech professionals. Whether you’re seeking talent for remote development or on-site projects, our team of executive recruiters excels in identifying top-tier IT experts who drive innovation and propel your organization forward. Whether you’re a well-established tech company, a startup, or an emerging player, we have the expertise to meet your talent needs.

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